Dream Time is designed to unlock your vision

We have these wonderful augmented reality hardware evolving. OK, but what can we do with them?  Our vision is the creation of a new super device. Dream Time Vision is a software that converts augmented reality devices into a new category we like to call "Right-Brain" devices. It's a complete holographic software system that encompasses everything we do digitally. A software system that creates instant understanding and empowers our visual memory. One that taps the greatest power - our optical-visual brain.

With the patented TGen Engine (Tensor-field Generator), our software system creates a new type of optical three-dimensional depth. A patented full stack software-hardware solution that provides cues to the brain to perceive high precision depth sensation with unprecedented level of immersion. Our OPS™ engine (Optical Positioning System) tracks the real world, transforms content from the web or desktop and positions it in an innovative three-dimensional method.

While Current AR devices mostly create special content adapted to the device or specific activity (fitness, car navigation, entertainment, etc…), our OPS™ engine taps into the vast source of all existing content on the web or desktop, automatically transforms it, and then imposes it live onto the real world.

We believe that the new Right Brain devices will not only be more efficient in interacting with information across 3D real space, but also will inspire people in a whole new way.

THe Magic Is in the software

We bring iT     all Together

THe Magic Is in the software

A Multi-Layered Augmented Reality

"Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower" Steve Jobs

Where Are we headed?

device  evolution

Mac Plus  - first graphical personal computer

Laptop -  early Mobile  personal computer

smart phone -Touch computing

FUTURE  Augmented Reality Device

about us

We are visionaries

We are researchers

We are software experts

We are designers

We are inventors

We are 3D Desktop experts

We are usability fanatics

We are relentless problem solvers

We are monetization innovators


Years of experience in Artificial Intelligence, 3D software and web. Inventor of various patents among them "system and method of browsing in three-dimensional space".

Prior to career in IT, established and headed an Israeli advertising agency.

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